Comet-kun's Arrival (1)
Name in Japanese こめっとくん
Romaji Translation Kometto-kun
Debut (Anime) Oreimo Episode 01 (cameo)
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mitsuo Iwata
Personal Info
Gender Male
Occupation Meruru's sidekick

Comet-kun (コメットくん, Kometto-kun) is a character from Stardust Witch Meruru. Comet-kun is Meruru's sidekick.

Comet-kun came from the planet, Pretty Star. His planet has been at war with Evil Star, the homeworld of the Dark Witches. He came to Earth to make Meruru a Stardust Witch to counter the Dark Witches threat to invade Earth.

Comet-kun is a bunny-like creature with a star on its forehead. Comet-kun seems to lack any feet or hands, but is shown that he indeed has hands and he can retract his hands at will. Comet-kun also can levitate and may have the ability to change his size, as he was shown in one instance that his was big enough to carry and fly Meruru on his back.

In the Commentary he is depicted to be a serious character who only acts pretty and cutesy in front of Meruru.