Gennosuke Miura
Gennosuke Miura
Name in Japanese 三浦 絃之介
Romaji Translation Miura Gennosuke
Nickname/s Bike guy, Buchou (manager)
Debut (Anime) Episode 12 (True Route)
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 04 (Chapter 04)
Appears in Light Novel, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Go Inoue
Voice Actor (English) Jeff Glen Bennett
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age Possibly older than Kyousuke
Height 179 cm
Weight 58 kg
Occupation Student (Chiba Benten High School), President (Chiba Benten High School Games Research Club)

Gennosuke Miura (三浦 絃之介, Miura Gennosuke) is the president of the Games Research Club. His favorite game genre is eroge. He is a fan of an unknown fictional character (presumably from eroge) called Fana-tan; he owns a merchandise jacket and decorated his bike with her design. He is known to smell and sometimes not take a bath. He also works at developing games. He made a brief cameo at comiket before his proper appearance.


The Helpful Stranger from AkibaEdit

Avio gennosuke

Gennosuke is introduced as an unnamed boy, who was also falling in line for a midnight release of a highly-anticipated eroge. Because the only train route back to Chiba closed for the night, Kyousuke asks if he could lend his bike to him. Despite the value of the bike, which Gennosuke decorated with various pictures of his favorite eroge character, Gennosuke allows Kyousuke to borrow his bike so that he could go back home. Because of the item they started their meeting, Kyousuke gave him the nickname "bike guy" at that time.

The Fateful MeetingEdit


To Kyousuke's surprise, Gennosuke turns out to be his "upperclassman" and the president of the Game Research Club which he and Ruri joined. After introducing himself and his fellow members to the new applicants, Gennosuke finds himself clinging to his sanity when a fellow applicant by the name of Sena Akagi unleashes her fujoshi side to the male population of the club.

Rare shot of eyes of Club President

A rare shot with glasses of Gennosuke being transparent, which reveals his eyes behind the glasses.